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The club's unusual name goes back to when the club was founded in 1922 .The founder members had returned from serving in the forces during the 1914 - 1918 war.

They were in Westborough Congregational Church Cycling Club. However, some of the members of the Church objected to cycling as a suitable past-time for a Sunday and our founders left to form another club.

They met at the Anchor Inn at Yalding and had difficulty deciding on an appropriate name. Someone said "San Fairy Ann" which was a soldiers phrase from the war and an anglicising of the French "Ca ne fait rien" meaning "It doesn't matter" and the name stuck.

The French and English versions are part of our Club badge.

The Early Years

The first activities were club runs on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, with the first races being club time trials in 1924. The club was one of the founder members of the Kent Cycling Association in 1928 and enjoyed considerable success in both individual and team championships. The club's current Mens Best Allrounder trophy was originally a KCA team trophy that SFA members won outright

Between 1939 and 1945 National Service and wartime restrictions curtailed many club activities but Arthur Goodhew kept the Saturday clubruns going.

Slightly More Recently History

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the next few pages of this website will save a lot of reading time.

Hopefully the pictures will stir a few memories for older viewers and will give younger ones an insight into the last years of the golden age of cycling
Track Racing
Time Trialing in the '70s
Golden Oldies